Eero Ettala Hauls Ass

February 20th, 2013

We are siked to announce that Finnish assman Eero Ettala is representing Ass Industries. He does not fart around. A true legend and bad ass individual.

Awarded Fastest Wax by Snowboarder Magazine

Our custom wax blends guarantee maximum glide efficiency and superior hydrophobic properties to get you haulin' ass in any condition. The revolutionary ass shape provides a firm ergonomically incorrect grip while melting onto a hot ass iron or rubbing it onto the base of your board. Here's what Snowboarder Magazine had to say.

“It all became apparent that Ass was a good wax based on their “State of the Fart” technology. The nice, firm round shape of the cake fit perfectly into our hand, making for a buttery smooth application process. On snow, it was head and shoulders (among other body parts)
above the rest.”

Haul Ass Wax™ is made by Ass Industries™, a “State of the Fart “ wax manufacturer since 1998. Ass Industries products are proudly made in the U.S.A by snowboarders.